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E-lvt Features

Rugged construction , Water resistant , Built in Flashlight + Powerbank mode to charge your devices just to name a few!


The E-lvt personal Variable voltage vaporizer is Water resistant, dustproof, impact & Shock resistant, allowing you to use it just about anywhere! No more worries of destroying your brand new Vaporizer devices by the pool or on the trail, with the e-lvt you can confidently take it anywhere and know its up to the task!

Water Resistant

Thinking of taking your new variable voltage vape by the pool, hot tub or beach? Think again! most vaporizers will easily short or perminatly malfuction with any water contact but not the All new water resistant E-lvt , confidently enjoy your vaporizer in the presence of liquid without the fear of blowing your new investment!

Battery life

The New E-lvt uses high capacity replaceable lithium ion rechargeable batteries allowing for drasticly more power than many of todays vaporizers that require you to replace the entire unit when they fail, who wants to do that?! With the all new E-lvt your device also serves as a power bank capable of charging mp3 players, cell phones, tablets and much more!

The E-Lvt Vape

Welcome To your ONLY Source for the Official E-lvt variable voltage Vaporizers mastering the very latest in all purpose variable vaporizer technology. The E-lvt MOD is like no other on the market it uses the latest intelligent integrated circuits, control circuits, & and high power output circuit tech allowing the battery and circuit board work in perfect sync extending battery life. Constructed of Zinc Alloy and premium Silicone materials, the E-lvt is virtually indestructible!! Perfect for anyone engaged in active sports, outdoors, construction, jobs located in rugged environments, Summer and water based activities, or if your just simply prone to break things. The E-lvt device can literally take the force of being ran over by a car and tossed through a car wash then still function as designed, name a vaporizer on the market that can come close to surviving that kind of abuse! To sum it up, THIS MOD IS A ABSOLUTE BEAST! It's water resistant, shock proof, Dirt & dust proof all while sporting the ability to allow charging of your cell phones mp3 devices and tablets! PLUS it's also equipped with a built flashlight! Perfect for people who love the outdoors or live that active lifestyle. Never will you have to worry about the E-lvt breaking from a hard fall or drop ruining your hard earned investment unlike many of today's more fragile mods on the market. The E-lvt also allows you to control the Voltage from 3.0V to 6V or Wattage from 3W to 15W saving you from burning out your coils on some of the more fragile atomizer attachments. The E-lvt also sports a industry standard 510 connection thats SPRING loaded which makes switching different types of atomizers is painless and extremely easy. All types of different Attomizer attachments make a perfect flush connection! Be the one of the first to own this awsome variable voltage vaporizer device! Stop buying mods that break with the slightest drop or splash when you could have the most durable , powerful all purpose premium vaporizer set on the market! Seize the Summer!

Is the E-lvt for you?

If your looking for a Premium quality durable vaporizer setup that not only can handle a wide range of variable voltage settings & attachments but is also rugged , durable and outdoor friendly, look no further than the E-lvt. With the E-lvt unique features and abilities and affordable price point you simply cant go wrong. The E-lvt offers twice the features of its competitors at less than half the price of some of its pricier competition making it an Affordable choice while also saving you money down the road from having to buy a new expensive vaporizer set after dropping it in the mud / water / concrete. We offer Complete customer support on the E-lvt should you ever need replacement parts , lithium batteries , Cables, Attachments, or how to's & tutorials on how to use your E-lvt variable voltage vaporizer we have you covered! Always Make sure to purchase your Sets & Parts from our Verified E-lvt dealers only to insure you recieve high quality Authentic sets and replacement units. If your in the market for a Premium Duriable outdoor ready vaping solution for the summer time festivities than the E-lvt is exactly what youve been looking for!!


Waterproof, dustproof, impact resistant, anti pressure engineered.   INDESTRUCTIBLE
Serves as a Power bank, charge digital products through the USB output port.
LED flashlight located on the rear of the device.
Lithium battery (included) can be charged internally or externally.
Digital screen shows battery power and voltage.
Variable Voltage (3.0-6.0V) and Variable Power (3w-15w).
Compatible with all 510 and Ego atomizer threads.
Locking features.
Built in alarm if sucking over 10 seconds.
Battery short circuit and overcharge protection.

Some Prices of our E-lvt Sets

All sets Ship with 2-3 Day First class Shipping!

E-lvt Complete Set


Complete Set

  • Variable Voltage
  • Water Resistant
  • Flash Light + Power Bank Feature

The E-lvt offers the very best in the world of Vapor technology fusing , portability , durability, Performance and utility functions into a premium vv/vw vaporizer solution thats also perfect for outdoors and summertime fun!

Yes Of course it is, the E-lvt has many cutting edge safety features like short circuit prevention and automatic cuttoff protecting the battery its being engauged for too long, this prevents damage & battery failure. The E-lvt is also water resistant as well as shock and dirtproof keeping your vaporizer safe from the elements as well! For more usage tips be sure to check your Instruction manual and practice safe usage as well as proper storing and cleaning.

Besides better overall performance the E-lvt is a better choice than most competitor mods simply because of its durability, in the world of variable mods a new unit can often cost an arm or a leg! Noone wants to shell out big money just to have their unit break while their having fun and have to replace it , not with the New E-lvt , with its water resistant , dirt , dust , and shock proof design your set is sure to stand the test of time saving you big bucks while out performing everything else on the market.

The E-lvt like most modern ecigarettes allows for self filling of prefered ejuices , theres tons of flavors out there and theyre all compatible with the E-lvt, Find your favorite flavor mix today at Slims Ejuice!

The E-lvt uses the most popular threading embraced by the industry the 510 thread. There is a wide variety of 510 threaded attachments available from many popular 3rd parts ranging from Tanks , Ce4/Ce5 attachments , dry herb chambers and more , changing attachments is a breeze simply twist , remove current attachment and twist back on the desired new attachment, thats it , its that easy!

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Most all orders placed will ship next day with tracking confirmation # included, often orders ship same day if placed before 3pm Est. we offer 2-3 day First class shipping with EVERY order!

Yes! we have multiple addon attachments available for the E-lvt from Protank 3's , Aerotanks, cloutanks , and many many more , whatever your trying to vaporize we have you covered!

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